Why you should love XC!

Winter training for me is often about XC events, and I love these and each year aim to take part in the Thames Valley XC league. I also love Thames Valley League for the fact that the men and women run together and the same distance. It is all about running equal. I missed the […]

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New challenges and Ride 100

It’s been a little while since I last wrote…somehow life seemed to get a little busy…I am guilty of not recongising when I get tired quickly enough, but I am currently enjoying a long weekend up north with family and have a week off soon to catch up with friends and generally get some much […]

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Run with friends :D

So after completing my first sprint triathlon on Sunday, I was feeling motivated to get back into some running training, with coming back from injury and starting to run again in the last few weeks. I am very much trying to be sensible and build it up slowly this time and keep the cross training […]

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