The importance of volunteering

It was volunteer week recently. I work in the health and social sector where without volunteers we would be pretty lost. Also, being involved in sports, this heavily relies on volunteering. And I am sure this is true for many different things. I found a couple of definitions of volunteering; “freely offer to do something” […]

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parkrun – home or away?

Many runners will have heard of parkrun and parkrun tourism. I sort of fell into parkrun tourism, there had been no specific objective with it to start with as I don’t tend to do this. However, this year I decided to set myself a target for the first time, to have reached 70 different parkrun […]

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Taking on the taper to London

So it’s come to that time where us spring marathoners are thinking about tapering. It’s time to reduce the training, build up energy levels and get ready for lacing up on that start line. For some a marathon is something that is a regular calendar event or even a short run for those ultra-runners. For […]

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Training for a marathon….

I am currently training for London Marathon, 22nd April, which at times does not feel soon enough as I feel like I want the long runs to be over, and at other times feels far too close! This will be my 3rd marathon and I find that with each one I do, the training becomes […]

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