January – measuring by moments not mileage

So January is done, the first month of the year, for many a month to start new year’s resolutions or working towards goals/milestones for the year.

I was talking to my friend last night about mileage with running, and it got me thinking. Often at the end of months I see people on strava, Instagram etc talk about how many miles they’ve run this year. I hadn’t really given this much thought to what mine has been and it’s something I have realised I have stopped being concerned about.

This time last year I was still badly injured from October 2016 and I was lucky if I could stubbornly make it round a parkrun on a Saturday morning in January 2017. I had a look at my stats, in Jan 2016 I ran almost double what I have run in Jan 2018. I started feeling bad about this…then I looked at my Jan 2017 stats and remembered how much I longed just to be able to run and at that point that is all I wanted, a pain free run.

I love a statistic or two and agree it’s great to measure progress, but as with everything all in moderation. We are never static and what we did last year, last month, yesterday does not necessarily correspond to present day. Also, there is always going to be someone who has run more, has run quicker, achieved more PR’s or PB’s.  I am me, not anyone else. I have been able to run this month, and generally it’s been happy running. So instead of measuring my running January in miles, I am going to measure it in moments;

  • The 1st of January started my year doing what I love, double parkrun with lots of my club, Datchet Dashers, and running friends I have met through parkrun.
  • Pacing at parkrun and helping others achieve their January goals.
  • Cliveden XC, a favourite run of mine, having an amazing run, conquering the steps once more and a course PB.
  • Reading and Tadley XC for the Thames Valley XC league. As always, greeted with lots of mud!
  • Starting marathon training and running the longest distance I have in well over 12 months.
  • Organising and delivering my first 5k time trial with the Datchet Dashers, with 61 runners attending and organising pacers for this.
  • Running with friends.
  • parkrun tourism at Valentines and Cranleigh parkrun.

I know what my January mileage was, but to me that seems irrelevant when I can look at the above and have fond memories of what my training has involved. It’s not the end goal, it’s the journey we take to get there that means the most. So whatever you achieved over January, it is your achievement and be proud!

Have a great February all 🙂


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